Choose from our accounting services


from 199 monthly
  • 0-2 employees

  • up to 60 accounting records per month
  • 2 consultations per year


from 379 monthly
  • 3-5 employees
  • up to 150 accounting records per month
  • 12 consultations per year


from 679 monthly
  • 6-12 employees
  • up to 350 accounting records per month
  • Unlimited consultations per year
  • Economic consulting


from ? monthly
  • custom
  • custom
  • custom

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– We will take over your book-keeping worries
– We will remind you everything, you must remember absolutely nothing – that is why we are here.
– You will get a lot of time which you can use for development of your business
– No internal employee is able to do work for such an attractive price as we do.
– You will not only get one employee, but a whole accounting-economical team which has many years of experience in Slovakia.
– Our services save your time, money, and help you to develop your company.



– Complete book-keeping
– VAT recording
– Tax return processing
– We will send you information on profit and loss of your company according monthly (PROGRES) or to your needs (MAXI).


– Wage agenda management
– Processing of monthly statements for insurance companies and the tax office

Cost optimalization
– Mid-year evaluation of profit and loss (2 times per year for PREMIUM and 3 times per year for ALL INCLUSIVE),
– Mid-year legal tax optimization proposal (2 times per year for PREMIUM and without limit for ALL INCLUSIVE),
– Regular checking of invoices – if an error occurs, we will contact you. We do this so that you do not have any problems with controls in the future. Even one invoice that is not in compliance with the legislation can cause you serious problems.

Pomoc pri kontrolách

– Assistance in solving tax control quickly, effectively, and without any fine,
– Assistance with inspections of Social Insurance Agency,
– Assistance with inspections of Social Insurance Agency,
– In case of inspection, we will issue all the documents needed free of charge and we will explain you how to proceed. If necessary, during the inspection we will stand personally by your side and we will help you to defend yourself before the authorities.

Additional Services:

– Assistance with invoice creation,
– Sending of processed invoices,
– additional services.

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